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Nipple Up Services

Hydraulic torque and tension equipment
        Low profile tools to fit any size nut
        High speed torque impact
        Specialized equipment for hard to reach areas
        Equipment it meet any torque value
        Calibrated equipment for precise trouping
        In house maintenance programs for tools
        Torque values always meet manufactures specifications

Bop  Lifts
        Safer and more efficient
        Rated for 100,000 lbs. of pull
        Hydraulic driven for precise maneuvering of BOP
        Routine maintenance on cables and hydraulic hosing

Nut and Bolt Extraction
        Old well removal
        Over torque bolt removal
        Minimal damage to the bolt
        Equipment to repair most threads on nuts and bolts

Blow Out Situations
        Fast and reliable response
        Pneumatic equipment to minimize static electricity
        Have access to any size bolt, nut, or ring

Nipple Up Services

B.O.P. Testing

Trucking and Heavy Equipment

Mud-Gas Separators